Living in SF

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Well…I moved to San Francisco about 6 months ago, and figured I’d start up the blog again. Why not, right?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Sports?

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As some of you may know, October is breast cancer awareness month.  The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month group has done an outstanding job over the past 25 years of raising money, and more importantly, heightening public awareness of this disease.

Recently I’ve noticed some of the great marketing ideas behind this organization, in some unexpected places. Last year I remembered seeing Major League Baseball players wear pink wristbands in support of the cause. That’s great, and brings awareness to a completely new market, however, the NFL and its partners went above and beyond. On October 4th, players, coaches, referees, and even sideline staff wore pink, and I mean a lot of pink. Players were wearing pink cleats, pink gloves, and had in pink mouth guards. Coaches had pink ribbons on their shirts, and even the zebras (refs) proved that real men wear pink.  While taking in all of the unusual color on football Sunday, I realized the amount work that had to go into producing custom shoes, gloves, hats, shirts, and mouth guards for a one day event. It was a beautifully executed, league-wide, event.

Bravo NFL, and bravo to the folks at the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month group.


Support Me In The 2009 Pineapple Classic

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Hey All! I’m running the Pineapple Classic on November 14th in honor of my aunt Margaret and all others who are fighting, or have fought, leukemia and/or lymphoma. I need your help gathering donations in order to hit my team’s $5,000 goal. I know times are tight, but anything you donate is greatly appreciated!

Please visit the link below to donate

Brilliant Viral Marketing Campaign from Ivars

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**UPDATE: Video should work now**

For those not from the great Northwest, Ivars is a great, and locally owned, place to grab fish & chips and chowder. Last night, I saw an ad on TV for Ivars that told a short (30 seconds) story of the founder’s vision of the future, from his perspective in 1955. According to legend, Ivar Haglund thought the wave of the future was going to be underwater, submarine, travel, and in 1955 he decided to do something about it and install underwater billboards in Puget Sound.

Could this be true?! Who knows? The point is, Ivars has managed to get people interested in this myth, and more importantly, made the Ivars name relevant again. Kudos Ivars…well done.

Music Game Sales Down From Last Year

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NPD has reported that sales for music themed games have dropped since this time last year, a whole 46%. My bet is that Beatles Rock Band, and Guitar Hero 5 should help pick up those numbers over the next several weeks.

Fluent’s newest project, The Ballad of Gay Tony

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My newest project at Microsoft has me working on Grand Theft Auto IV’s latest piece of add on content, The Ballad of Gay Tony. Should be a great piece of content, with tons of promotion worldwide. It comes out October 29th, exclusively on Xbox 360. Check out the video below to watch the trailer!

The World of Augmented Reality

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Anyone with an iPhone, Blackberry, or any other new age mobile phone knows how useful an app like Google Maps can be. Want to know where the nearest Starbucks is? How about the closest subway station? Map apps like Google Maps have revolutionized how we navigate.

Now, imagine turning on your phone’s video functionality, pointing it at an intersection, and seeing the closest subway station mapped right there on your screen. Not a satellite image taken in 2006, or a digital recreation, but the actual street that your standing on. (If it’s hard to visualize what I’m saying here, the video below should help you out)

Pretty cool huh? The first Augmented Reality (AR) app has been released into the Apple iTunes store. Right now the app is only meant for those who can speak and read French, and happen to be in Paris, but nonetheless is opens up a world of possibilities. This article from also mentions the opportunities that might be out there for advertisers, of course.