Should you censor your Facebook account?

I came across an interesting read today on, and I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. As more and more of us are engaging in multiple forms of social networking, it’s important to start looking at the information, pictures, and points-of-view we’re sharing on our social networking sites. Why??

Here’s why. More than ever, prospective employers are making a point to investigate the “real” you. The you that we see on Facebook and the you that enlightens us on Twitter 30 times a day. In fact, my last employer admitted to searching for me on Facebook and MySpace before hiring me. While he was saying this in a joking manor and I doubt it had any say in whether or not I was hired, the point is he did it. And he’s not alone.

So restrict your profile, watch what you post, and watch what you say…because your next employer is paying attention.


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