The World of Augmented Reality

Anyone with an iPhone, Blackberry, or any other new age mobile phone knows how useful an app like Google Maps can be. Want to know where the nearest Starbucks is? How about the closest subway station? Map apps like Google Maps have revolutionized how we navigate.

Now, imagine turning on your phone’s video functionality, pointing it at an intersection, and seeing the closest subway station mapped right there on your screen. Not a satellite image taken in 2006, or a digital recreation, but the actual street that your standing on. (If it’s hard to visualize what I’m saying here, the video below should help you out)

Pretty cool huh? The first Augmented Reality (AR) app has been released into the Apple iTunes store. Right now the app is only meant for those who can speak and read French, and happen to be in Paris, but nonetheless is opens up a world of possibilities. This article from also mentions the opportunities that might be out there for advertisers, of course.


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