Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Sports?

As some of you may know, October is breast cancer awareness month.  The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month group has done an outstanding job over the past 25 years of raising money, and more importantly, heightening public awareness of this disease.

Recently I’ve noticed some of the great marketing ideas behind this organization, in some unexpected places. Last year I remembered seeing Major League Baseball players wear pink wristbands in support of the cause. That’s great, and brings awareness to a completely new market, however, the NFL and its partners went above and beyond. On October 4th, players, coaches, referees, and even sideline staff wore pink, and I mean a lot of pink. Players were wearing pink cleats, pink gloves, and had in pink mouth guards. Coaches had pink ribbons on their shirts, and even the zebras (refs) proved that real men wear pink.  While taking in all of the unusual color on football Sunday, I realized the amount work that had to go into producing custom shoes, gloves, hats, shirts, and mouth guards for a one day event. It was a beautifully executed, league-wide, event.

Bravo NFL, and bravo to the folks at the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month group.



One Response to “Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Sports?”

  1. That was an enormous undertaking. It is nice to see the National Breast Cancer Foundation strike a blow against breast cancer in such a hugely broadcasted medium.

    It was also funny to see how large the wrist bands looked on the refs, compared to the players! 🙂

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