The best stuff on, and for, Earth?

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If the title of this entry rings a bell, you’re probably thinking I am going to write about Snapple Tea. Well, you’re half-way right.

Recently, I have become a big fan of Honest Teas…not only for their tasty bottled beverages, like Lemon Black Tea and Green Dragon Tea, but also for the way they do business. From the company’s small beginnings in 1998, the small beverage company has been truly honest in how their product is made, and the impact it has on the planet. Lot’s of companies can talk a big “Green” game, but you get the feeling that this company from Bethesda, Maryland truly believes in what they do, and why they do it.

In fact, tucked right next to the company’s mission statement on their website is a section titled, “Aspirations for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”. Whether it’s buying a product that might be slightly more expensive because it “better addresses the needs of economically disadvantaged communities”, adhering to strict Fair Trade ideals and standards, or, using fully recyclable PET plastic bottles, Honest Beverage company is trying to do right by the environment, and their customers.

Also, from a marketing perspective, the bottle’s are a simple yet effective marketing tool. It gives you all of the usual information about the drink, while peppering in some brand enhancing “Green Speak” that’s easy to read.

My quick P.S.A; If you like tea, and not the sugar-heavy kind you usually find, do yourself a favor and try some Honest tea.


Should you censor your Facebook account?

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I came across an interesting read today on, and I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. As more and more of us are engaging in multiple forms of social networking, it’s important to start looking at the information, pictures, and points-of-view we’re sharing on our social networking sites. Why??

Here’s why. More than ever, prospective employers are making a point to investigate the “real” you. The you that we see on Facebook and the you that enlightens us on Twitter 30 times a day. In fact, my last employer admitted to searching for me on Facebook and MySpace before hiring me. While he was saying this in a joking manor and I doubt it had any say in whether or not I was hired, the point is he did it. And he’s not alone.

So restrict your profile, watch what you post, and watch what you say…because your next employer is paying attention.

Nielsen Video Game Reports

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Nielsen released a report yesterday that shows that gamers are spending more time than ever on their consoles. So, even though console sales are down, gamers are are spending more time on the consoles they already have, and Xbox 360 is leading the way. This quote it from the report, “…June data shows Xbox 360 is the most active console, with the 6-month trend show Xbox 360 with the highest active users…”

This bodes well for the consoles’ Xbox LIVE service that brings new downloadable game content, Netflix movies, and social online gaming to the masses.

See the full Nielsen Article here:

Word of Mouth Marketing, or WoM

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More and more businesses are starting to figure out how important Word of Mouth is, and how it fits into their more “traditional” marketing mix. I recently posted this article on my Facebook fan site; PQ Media’s report on the trends associated with WoM Marketing. Good Read!

New Fluent Marketing Blog!

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